“Who Made Me A Princess,” also known as “Suddenly Became a Princess One Day,” is a popular web novel by Plutos. It follows the story of Athanasia de Alger Obelia, a young girl who wakes up in the body of Athanasia, the daughter of a cruel king in a fantasy world.

The novel begins with Athanasia’s awakening inside a strange room. As she explores her surroundings and tries to make sense of her situation, she realizes that she has been reincarnated into her favorite novel. She now inhabits the body of Athanasia, who was executed at the tender age of 14 for supposedly attempting to poison her father, King Obelia.

Determined to prevent her tragic fate from occurring again and save herself from harm, Athanasia seeks to change the course of events in this new world. She befriends Crown Prince Claude de Alger Obelia and sets out to win his heart while navigating through court politics and power struggles.

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One aspect that sets “Who Made Me A Princess” apart from other similar novels is its unique twist on familiar tropes such as time travel and reincarnation. Instead of being transported back in time or living an entirely different life altogether, Athanasia is given another chance to live out her favorite novel by taking over the body of its protagonist.

As Athanasia tries to prevent history from repeating itself, she must also deal with multiple obstacles both internal and external. One such challenge comes in the form of her relationship with Crown Prince Claude who initially harbors ill-will towards her because he believes that she had attempted to poison his father just like what happened before.

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Athanasia gradually gains his trust through genuine kindness and sincerity which helps build their friendship into something deeper than expected . As they grow closer , Claude begins opening up about his own troubled past involving his family which makes him more relatable as a character despite being seen as cold-hearted prince .

Another factor that contributes significantly to the popularity of “Who Made Me A Princess” is its cast of well-rounded characters. Each character has their unique strengths and weaknesses which contribute meaningfully towards advancing the plot. They are not mere caricatures but rather nuanced individuals with their own motivations driving their actions.

Each character undergoes significant development throughout the story arc showing vast potential for growth even when you think they have reached their peak making them more engaging as you continue reading further on every chapter .

Athanasia herself grows stronger as an individual throughout each page turning moment showcasing determination towards changing what seems inevitable . Her love interests are well-developed characters too ,with distinct personalities such as Lucas who plays an important role later on proving himself no less heroic than Claude despite differences between them

In addition to these remarkable elements, “Who Made Me A Princess” also boasts breathtaking artwork done by Spoon who manages perfectly complementing Plutos’ writing style . It adds another layer depth toward immersion while reading it making it enjoyable visually along with mentally .

Overall “Who Made Me A Princess” is an engrossing tale filled with unexpected twists, turns , romance , action-packed scenes interspersed alongside moments where friendships & bonds are formed making it hard not get invested emotionally into each page turner moment . The series has proven itself worthy among readers around globe due excellent characterization paired beautifully crafted illustrations garnering thousands upon thousands constant support daily .

In conclusion,”Who Made Me A Princess” is highly recommended for those seeking coming-of-age stories set within vivid magical worlds full emotional complexity .