Webnovel, the global e-publishing arm of China Literature (0772.HK), a leading online literature and IP incubator company, announced the winners of its Webnovel Spirity Awards Spring 2020 on December 14. The contest, which kicked off in July, aims to inspire and encourage prominent writing talent around the world in the web novel arena.

Gold Winners of WSA Spring 2020

In with a chance to win up to $US10,000, participants submitted a total of 7,560 novels covering a wide range of subjects such as fantasy, video games, contemporary romance, and fantasy romance. All the winners, including 16 nomination prize recipients, stand out for their popularity among readers and prominent writing skills assessed by a group of judges made up of senior editors.

“Our heartfelt thanks go out to every author who participated in our Webnovel Spirity Awards Spring 2020 event. We had an overwhelming response to this contest with so many talented authors emerging during this event and even more wonderful stories that were entered. We are incredibly heartened by the enthusiasm shown by our digital writing community,” said Sandra Chen, head of Webnovel Team.

The winning entries in the three major categories and prizes are:

Gold Prize: $US10,000
The Crown’s Obsession
My Vampire System

Silver Prize: $US5,000
Hellbound With You
New Age of Summoners
Reincarnated As A Fox With System

Bronze Prize: $US2,000
Divinity: Against the Godly System
His Beautiful Addiction
Loving A Heartless Lawyer
Physics The Greatest Magic
The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Click to learn more about the winning entries: https://bit.ly/2W6AxIN

A key event to celebrate the booming scene of online literature across the world, the Webnovel Spirity Awards was first launched in 2019 in the Philippines. This year, it started to accept English-language entries from writers globally and will continue to be an annual event, according to the announcement from Webnovel.

The writing contest is a significant part of Webnovel’s endeavor to create a community for writing talent around the world and serve as an incubation hub for online literature writers. Not only a platform where writers, amateur or professional, can publish their work, Webnovel can also help monetize all good content and make writers’ dreams come true.

“Over the years Webnovel has built a stable relationship with authors, readers and content adaptation partners,” according to Sandra Chen. Writers can publish content on Webnovel and readers will pay to read the content, generating income for the writers. On top of that, the company’s adaptation partners can determine which novels are worth adapting based on readers’ feedback.

Webnovel also has a team of senior editors helping writers polish their work to make them more relevant to the needs of the market and readers. In addition, the company has rolled out a range of online writing courses to help hone specific skills for creating web novels.

The Webnovel Spirity Awards Spring 2021 is in the pipeline. Stay tuned!