When you’re stuck in traffic, or when you just want to relax after an exhausting day, you can now turn to Webnovel to read during their free time. The fun part is not just the convenience but the fact that you can browse dozen of categories! If people, especially avid fans of online literature, would delineate Webnovel in one word, it would definitely be “paradise.”

Webnovel had their first fan meeting in Manila, Philippines, last November 24, 2018. Webnovel representatives Sandra Chen with her team, editors and translators, together with Filipino authors Anjeeriku (author of the popular “PS. I’m (Not) Over You”  that reached over 4 million views) and Lynerparel (author of “Adopted Soldier”), greeted Pinoy fans during the event.

The good thing about Webnovel is that they give opportunities to aspiring writers who would like to contribute and share their stories and novels online. Another interesting fact about this fictional stories hub is that it lets the readers support their favorite authors and translators in different forms. While the active readers spend over 1.5 reading hours daily, the authors and translators get further motivated to be more productive and to deliver better works.

Speaking of better works, there’s also a huge chance for a novel to get adapted into TV series, comic illustrations, or graphic visuals for video games once it gets popular. This way, the author will get a chance to receive more royalty fee for his/her work.

Lynerparel shared that the readers’ comments inspire him the most to create novels and make something like his prominent work, “Adopted Soldier,” that gathered millions of views online.He gained popularity in America and in Cebu, said that watching animes inspires him to come up with novel concepts.“When I watch an anime, I feel something within me and I just want to write. Sometimes I even say, I think I can make something better than that,” he said.

The reason why his main character, Alexander, is relatable to many readers is because he based his personality from his real-life sister whose name is Alex. “I removed [the] emotional side of Alex and then whatever remains, it becomes [Alexander] in the novel.” he said.

When asked what can he share with aspiring writers who wanted to try writing a novel, he said: “If you feel like writing, write it down. I’m sure whatever passion that you have inside will get through to the reader. If you write something based on what you are feeling at the moment [that] it’s so pure and so raw, when somebody reads it, then might actually feel it.”

After conducting a user survey in Manila, Sandra Chen, the general manager of Webnovel, told InqPOP! that what makes them a better platform for readers is that they provide lots of contents, cater good reading experience and accessibility to users, and understanding its contents without complexities.

For first time readers of Webnovel, the translator CK Talon suggests “The King’s Avatar,” and for those who loves to explore the diversity of Eastern fantasy and adventure, he recommends to read “True Martial World.”

The platform plans to bring readers more exciting contents using different local languages. There will also be novels written in the local language on Webnovel in the future. It will work with its local industry partners in the Philippines to publish hard-copy books.