September 11th to 15th, 2019, with a total of 150,000+ visitors at the biggest, most sought after and longest running MANILA INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR, Webnovel offers book lovers an extraordinary experience. At BOOTHS 2-74 to 2-76, visitors received Webnovel vouchers such as reading coupons, gifts such as The King’s Avatar collaterals, surprising freebies; many participated in games such as lottery wheel and brought home valuable prizes with excitement.

Webnovel is an online, global literature platform with 6 million monthly active users and about 60,000 original novels from dozens of genres including Fantasy, Romance, Fanfic, Competitive Sports, ACG, Sci-fi, Horror Thriller, History, etc. It’s parent company has successfully created a large number of excellent literary works such as Candle in the Tomb, The Graver Robbers’ Chronicles, Nirvana in Fire, The King’s Avatar, Legend of Fu Yao, The rise of Phoenixes and Ever Night, which were adapted into films, TV series, web series, animations, comics and games. You won’t miss the fun and opportunity for freebies if you can’t make it to the offline event, simply get on TikTok APP to participate #MyStoriesEnrichYourLife challenge; upload a video of yourself acting one paragraph of a literature which deeply touched you recently. Webnovel offers you the chance to win an exclusive E-reader as well.

On September 13, a Webnovel on-stage event will take place from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Book enthusiasts are invited to interact with two well-known Webnovel local authors: TheBlips (author of THE CEO’S WOMAN and THE VILLAIN’S WIFE) and Kazzenlx (author of I LOVE YOU MONSTER) who will share their Webnovel journeys and reveal the great income they are making though writing on Webnovel.